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Classical Rasayan By Deep Ayurveda

AshwPrash Best Super Food for Men’s & Women’s Health Support | Ashwagandha Prash for Overall Health

AshwPrash Best Super Food for Men’s & Women’s Health Support | Ashwagandha Prash for Overall Health

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Ashwprash is the best super food for old age health and and a powerful aphrodisiac and nervine tonic to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. This traditionally prepared formula is an idle ayurvedic superfood for old age men and women, filled with the goodness of pure ghee and organic jaggery and suits the tastebuds of the old ages people as well young. It is a highly beneficial rasayan for old ages, which helps balance the Trishodas in the individuals.

Ashwprash is an adaptogen which helps you cope with everyday stress and anxiety, while also keeping you energetic for new challenges. It is brimming with Ashwagandha and other vital herbs such as anantmool, draksha, elaichi, etc., which maintain the human digestive system and boost immunity in an individual.

Ashwprash – Perfect Classical Formulation for General Well-Being:

Ashwprash by Deep Ayurveda is an ayurveda superfood for men and women rich in the goodness of Ashwagandha and other essential herbs for the well-being and endurance of the human body. It is an impressive and efficacious aphrodisiac and nervine tonic. Rich in antioxidants, the Ashwprash lehyam is highly effective in increasing energy, reducing fatigue and improving the muscle strength and stamina of the individual.

Considering the ill-abled bodies of today, Ashwprash has been formulated with all the essential ingredients which provide energy and endurance to the human body for everyday activities. This keeps you protected from diseases and aids in enhancing muscle mass and strength. It is an energy and strength enhancer and is well-known as the best immunity-booster herb in Ayurveda.

A daily dose of Ashwprash taken by the children and the adults keeps the whole family healthy and safe. It is formulated by the rasayana herbs that is a natural immunity-booster and energy enhancer, and the best super food for women’s health too.

Why Made You Choose Ashwprash Over Other Products?


Ashwprash is completely vegetarian. It is made out of the most authentic natural herbs and plants. It is suitable for every person to consume.


We ensure that our products come with no side effects for the consumer. Therefore, unlike all other Chawanprash, our Ashwprash is completely Gluten-free. It is made of gluten-free elements to ensure its purity and ease of digestion for the consumer


 Ashwprash is free of soybeans and their by-products. This makes it consumable for people with dietary allergies and removes the chances of allergic problems like acne, asthma, eczema, etc.


Added colour or flavor is used in products often to enhance the look of a product and is often harmful to a person. We guarantee that our products are completely free of added color or flavor in any form.


To increase the shelf-life of a product, companies often add synthetic preservatives to those that are very harmful. The Ashwprash by Deep Ayurveda has no added artificial preservatives, which makes it natural and harmless.


AshwPrash is 100%  made with organic jaggery and no artificial sweetener added, But Most of the similar product available in market even by big companies are made with artificial sweetener like aspartamesaccharin, acesulfame-K [E950], neotame, sucralose [E955]) and advantame etc. You know these artificial are very much harmful for our health and specially for growing children. Study published in many international journals shown that these artificial sweeteners are carcinogenic and even can be cause of neurological disorder even.


There is no chemical or un natural substance and its Completely Natural- Ashwprash is curated with years of research and the hard work of our ayurvedic experts and scientist. We aimed to ensure that only the most authentic organic ingredients are used to make it completely natural. 

Packing Details

Ashwprash is packed in very beautiful and special glass jar with gold lid and packing size is 250gm.


Shipping by courier and International Shipping by DHL Express

Care Instructions

Suggested Use of Ashwprash 10-15gm twice a day after food for adult.

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Ashwprash Ayurvedic Super Food

Special Prash range for all Age & Gender :

✅️ Why you choose Prash ?

👉 Natural Source of Nutrition

👉 Boost Over All Health

👉 Balance our Tridosha

👉 Give Strength & Immunity

👉 Ayurveda in Daily Routine

👉 Prevent Seasonal Disease

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Very good Product

Really its good natural food, i am using since last 1 month and feeling good now