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Pulse Diagnosis (Body Constitution) by Traditional Ayurvedic Techniques | 60 Minutes Session

Pulse Diagnosis (Body Constitution) by Traditional Ayurvedic Techniques | 60 Minutes Session

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Discover your Body Constitution with Pulse Diagnosis, an ancient traditional Ayurvedic diagnostic techniques. Through this non-invasive method, Our Qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner is able to accurately measure pulse points to accurately identify the an individual’s unique body type and to know the doshas conditions in body for personalized health treatments. This 60 Minutes session include the suggestion of ayurvedic herbs for daily routine  & diet & lifestyle modification advice as per the conditions of Tridosha into the body.

Types of Ayurvedic Consultation ?

There are 3 Type of Colsultation:

1. Telephonic Consultation

2. Video Consultation

3. Clinic Visit Consultation

You can choose as per your conveniency.

Consultation Process ?

  • First You have to Purchase anytype of consultation.
  • After Successful Purchase you will be contacted by our backend team with in 24 hours to schedule your appointment.
  • Our customer Care Team schedule your appointment with our Ayurveda Practitioner as per your suitable but per the next available slot.
  • Our Timing : 9:00am to 2:00pm and 4:00pm to 7:00pm as per Australian time ( UTC/GMT +10 hours)

Consultation Timing & Duration

Initial Consultation is for 30 Minutes, But it can be extended as per the health requirement of the client. If extended then extra fee will be charged on prorata basis.

Example: If client booked for 30 Minutes but consultation extended for 30 minutes then $50 will be charged extra for next 30 minutes.

After Consultation Herb Delivery Process ?

After Your Consultation with our Practitioner, Our Team will send you prescription by email or by Whatsapp and as per the suggestion/advice you can order for the ayurvedic herbs/products if needed.

Note: All the herbs, Oils, Supplement or ayurvedic product will be dispatched to customer postal address directly from our Indian Warehouse.

Shipping Transit Time: Normally parcel will be delivered with in 5 to 7 working days from the date payment recieved againt order.

Important Instructions & Disclaimer

Note: With due respect we want to inform that due to the ongoing client consultation your online/offline appointment time can be changed so please plan your time accordingly when you visit or come online schedule for consultation with our ayurvedic consultant.

Disclaimer Policy: Please read our disclaimer policy carefully:

Disclaimer –Deep Ayurveda Australia

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