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Classical Rasayan By Deep Ayurveda

Swasani® Ayurvedic Rasayan for Respiratory Health for All | Natural Superfood for Immunity, Digestion & Overall Well being

Swasani® Ayurvedic Rasayan for Respiratory Health for All | Natural Superfood for Immunity, Digestion & Overall Well being

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Swasani® Ayurvedic Rasayan is considered the best ayurvedic rasayan for respiratory support, Boost Immune System and overall well-being. It contains a combination of powerful vital herbs that have various health benefits. These herbs help to cleanse and detoxify the lungs, reduce inflammation, and promote healthy respiratory, digestion & metabolism function.

Its is made with 12+ vital herbs like vasaka, kantkari, ushir, talispatar, pippali, licorice, dalichini, chavika etc, these ingredients in Swasani Rasayan work synergistically to promote healthy respiratory function, reduce congestion and inflammation, and support the detoxification and cleansing of the lungs. Swasani also beneficial herbal food supplement for smokers who may have tar buildup in their lungs and experience respiratory issues.

Swasani® Herbal Jam for Respiratory Health & Immunity

  • Traditionally prepared herbal jam work as ayurvedic superfood to keep us healthy even in seasonally change.
  • This Traditional Ayurvedic Rasayan clean the upper respiratory tract and keep away from cough Clod & Seasonal allergy
  • Swasani ® Herbal Rasayan ( Superfood) is very beneficial in digestion & Metabolism as it Improve our Digestive System to strengthen metabolism
  • Ayurvedic Superfood to Maintain Good Health and healthy Immune System.
  • Swasani Rasayan is very beneficial for children overall well-being.

Why Deep Ayurveda Swasani ® Herbal Jam

  • Traditionally made herbal food with organic ingredients, Jaggery & Honey.
  • Swasani Formulated with Traditional Method with concept of five elements & tridosha balance.
  • These is No Artificial Sugar, Color, Synthetic Flavor or Any Chemical
  • Prepared by the Team of Ayurveda experts
  • Non GMO, No Animal Cruelty, 100% Natural

Suggested Use of Swasani ® Herbal Jam:

10-15gm twice a day after food for adult and 5-10gm in day for children between 4 to 10 years

Packing & Shipping

One Month Pack- 2 Pc of 250gm

2 Months Pack- 4 Pcs of 250gm

3 Month Pack- 6 Pcs of 250m


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