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Kati Vasti in Panchkarma | 90 Minutes Panchkarma Workshop in Australia

Kati Vasti in Panchkarma | 90 Minutes Panchkarma Workshop in Australia

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Learn the ancient Indian Panchkarma technique of Kati Vasti with this 90-minute Panchkarma workshop online from our ayurveda experts. Kati Vasti is a traditional Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapy that involves retaining specific ayurvedic medicated oil on an area of the back, offering relief from back pain and stiffness. Book now your session to learn the benefits and techniques of this holistic healing practice of ayurveda in Australia.

What is Kati Vasti ?

  • Kativasti treatment is a traditional ayurveda panchkarma therapy performed to relieve various types of muscular, joint and nerve ailments.
  • It involves applying special ayurvedic medicated oils to a prescribed area of spinal cord of the body.
  • These oils are kept warm for up to 15-20 minutes in order to seep deep and provide relief from the affected area.
  • After the oil is applied, the area is kept covered with a cloth to retain the warmth and oil in the specific area.
  • For Kativasti treatment, special setups are used to maintain the temperature of the oil and to ensure that it's retained at the same level throughout the procedure.
  • The setup is composed of a shallow clay pot with a central hole in the middle, a filter cloth to hold the oil in the pot, a cloth applied to the affected body part.
  • Kativasti is a very effective tool in the Panchkarma therapy. It is beneficial in relieving pain and discomfort from backache, neck pain, arthritis and other joint, muscular and nerve related ailments.
  • The therapeutic warmth from the oil raises the temperature of the area which helps to reduce stiffness and improve circulation within the affected area.
  • It also helps to reduce inflammation, improve flexibility in the muscles, increase range of motion and reduce swelling.

    The Kativasti treatment is a holistic way of healing and provides many therapeutic benefits.
  • It should not be done without professional guidance as incorrect procedure can result in further pain and complications.
  • A qualified ayurvedic practitioner should be consulted for getting the right direction in getting the benefit from kativasti treatment.

Workshop Duration & Timing ?

Kati Vasti Workshop Duration is for 90 Minutes and work shop timing and schedule will be confirmed 7-10 Days before workshop.

Workshop Virtual or In Person ?

  • Kati Vasti Workshop will be delivered online through google meet But if any student want to come physically then they can join this workshop session at our Ipswich Centre.
  • Our Qualified & Experienced Ayurveda Practitioner will present this workshop for 90 minutes which includes theoretical part for 45 minutes and 45 minutes for practical application of Kati vasti which will be shown through google meet online.

Who Will Present this Workshop ?

Each Workshop will be managed and presented by the well Qualified Ayurvedic & Panchkarma Practitioners of Deep Ayurveda under the guidance of our Founder & Chief Ayurvedic Practitioner-Dr Baldeep Kour

Why You Join Panchkarma Workshop ?

  • Deep Ayurveda- Well Known & an Authentic Ayurvedic Brand Name of India and now also in Australia.
  • 18+ Clinical Expertise in Ayurveda, Panchakarma and Herbal Product formulations
  • We Present in 16+ Countries
  • 400+ Herbal & Ayurvedic Formulation developed since 2006
  • In House Herbal & Ayurvedic Product Manufacturing Unit in India, Which Who GMP, USFDA and Ayush Approved.
  • Our Founder known as world's renowned Ayurvedic practioner.
  • Practical Exposer of Production of Herbal Products, Classical Ayurvedic Medicine, Panchkarma Oils and Personal care Products.
  • Ayurvedic Treatment Based on 5 elements concept and Tridosha Balance Principles.
  • In each workshop, every Panchkarma Therapy will be explained and guided as per the text mentioned in Ayurveda study and ancient books.
  • Post Workshop Support /Guidance from our Ayurvedic Practitioner. (Additional fee apply)

Important Instructions & Disclaimer

These workshop/Ayurveda training program offered by us is not approved RTO Or by ASQA. Its just a natural therapies workshop for the benefit of any individual.

Note: With due respect we also want to inform that due to the ongoing client consultation your online/offline appointment time can be changed so please plan your timing accordingly when you visit or come online schedule for consultation /Workshop.

Disclaimer Policy: Please read our disclaimer policy carefully:

Disclaimer –Deep Ayurveda Australia

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